Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why I Don't Like Team Fortress 2 on my Gaming Desktop

Hello again readers,

Today I'd like to discuss Valve's hit free-to-play game, Team Fortress 2. I personally do not have any bad feelings, negative energy, or hatred towards the game. Plain and simple, however, I just do not enjoy the game. And I'll tell you why.

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Why Team Fortress 2 Doesn't Suit My Fancy

Team Fortress 2 is designed to be a fun game for all ages. I know a lot of teenagers play this game, and a lot of adults play this game too. It's a game to wind down on stress.

However, it's not my cup of tea. Why? Because I'm a competitive player. Valve just doesn't implement any sort of tactical strategies or a competitive spirit in their video game.

I love to play against other players and compete for the "Best Player" title. However, I just don't feel like I get that kind of gameplay in TF2.

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