Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Experience With Budget Gaming Desktops Under $500

Greetings, and welcome to another article on my blog ($500 Budget Gaming). The theme of the blog, if you couldn't tell, is saving money on playing video games, my favorite hobby of all time.

My Story On Gaming PCs Under $500

It's an expensive hobby, to say the least. One day, many years ago, I couldn't afford to buy a full fledged gaming desktop. My only options at that point of time was either a very inexpensive desktop (not suited for gaming but my sole purpose was just that) or a Playstation 3. I already owned the Xbox 360 and heard that the graphics were almost identical to a PS3, so I didn't want to buy another gaming console.

That left me to purchase a cheap desktop. I could have gone second hand and bought a gaming desktop under $1000, but even that was too expensive. My budget had to go lower.

So I chose to purchase a gaming computer under 500. I didn't know it at the time, but that was one of my top three greatest purchases of all time.

I had custom-built my own desktop, which one of my own friends Kwame would tell you about in his blog. I thought it would be a terrifying to do, since I had little to no experience back then creating and building my own hardware.

It only took me a half hour to get all the parts I need, and then another hour to assemble it. Within 2 hours I already built a great and cheap desktop that had some power in it.

Why You Should Buy a Gaming Desktop Under $500 And Nothing Higher

Gaming Desktop Under 500Gaming is expensive. Sometimes in life, we have to go with what we can afford and not try to push boundaries. When purchasing a sub-$500 gaming computer, you're doing both ideas.

Not only do you save yourself money -- scratch that, a lot of money --
you also play it safer than going all in with your cash. 

For example, when I made that budget gaming purchase years ago, I contemplated if I should save myself the hassle and just buy hardware that will last me years to come.

I was right to choose the cheaper option. My gaming desktop that cost me less than 500 dollars still runs perfectly today, years after the initial purchase.

Sure, the $1000 gaming desktop could also last me years, but I saved myself a full half-grand in the process.

Budget Gaming Is Here To Stay

I believe budget gaming is here to stay and will be here until gaming dies, which by the way, I hope is never. Here's why:

The gaming industry fluctuates in price. Games get more expensive to purchase and more expensive to make. Game developers continually ask for more salary for the hard work they put in.

If we all save money together, we're doing the gaming industry a great service. 

So if you love gaming like me, you'd go ahead and buy the best gaming PC under $500 that money can buy. Happy gaming everyone!

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